All In A Day’s Work – Day 1 at NHSMTA 2013

Good afternoon DSM Fans!

Day 1 in New York City for Dakota and Cameron (the Best Actress & Best Actor from the 2013 DSM High School Musical Theatre Awards) was yesterday, and what a great day it was for them both! Please see below for pictures and Dakota and Cameron’s comments about their first day!

DAKOTA: Today we checked in at our dorm rooms at NYU’s Founder’s Hall. The view from my room is incredible, but especially so at night. We had ate pizza and had the chance to chat with the other nominees before he went to our first rehearsal. We learned the entire opening number and closing number music; it sounds amazing, and I can’t wait to hear how we’ll sound by performance!

CAMERON (sent late Wednesday 6/26 evening): Day 1 in New York! We got here early enough to stroll around Union Square for a bit, and then we headed to Tisch for a nice little meet and greet with the other nominees. Tons of great kids. No matter who you sparked up a conversation with, they were outgoing and friendly. We went straight into rehearsal, learned the opening and closing numbers, and now I’m trying to memorize the lyrics as I write this before I wake up at 6:30 AM tomorrow. Sounds like a blast, right? Oh, and I figured out my vocal teacher will be Schele Williams so I’m STOKED about that. Here’s some pictures:

On the plane to NYC!

On the plane to NYC!

NYU Campus

NYU Campus

Pizza party with all of the students involved in the NHSMTA!

Pizza party with all of the students involved in the NHSMTA!

Today is Day 2 for Cameron, Dakota, and the other ladies and gents who are competing in the National HSMTA! Today they will be in rehearsals for the Opening Number, Medleys, and Finale for the National HSMTA show. They will also be coached 1 on 1 for their solos! After a hard day’s work, they will be in for a treat! Dinner at Sardi’s, a picture of ALL of the contestants in Times Square, and a great show: Annie! To top off their day, they get to have a talkback with the cast after the show! (Make sure you subscribe to/follow our blog to get updates as we post them! Just enter your email address to the right & don’t forget to confirm it via an email we’ll send to you!)

Stay tuned tomorrow for their thoughts about their day! We’re so excited for them!

-DSM Amanda


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