Wednesday Addams’ Contest – Week 1!

Hello DSM Fans!

Starting today, every Wednesday this month will be in honor of Wednesday Addams getting married! In celebration of this joyous (and kooky) event, we will be doing contests, giveaways, and/or exclusive discounts right here on our blog! Be sure to subscribe to the blog to make sure you don’t miss anything! (To subscribe, go to the right of the blog then just enter your e-mail and make sure to confirm it!)

Today, this Wednesday Addams’ Contest will be a photo caption contest. Check out the photo below and in the comments section below, enter your caption. All entries will be entered into a random drawing of 2 winners for 2 tickets to Opening Night of THE ADDAMS FAMILY on Oct. 2nd! AND BONUS, your ticket will get you into the Fair for FREE all day on Oct. 2nd! I can’t wait to read your comments!

We will announce the winner of this contest in our next post, next Wednesday! You have until Tuesday, September 11th, at 11:59pm to enter – good luck and have fun!

-DSM Amanda

Cortney Wolfson (Wednesday) and Patrick D. Kennedy (Pugsley) in THE ADDAMS FAMILY. (Photo by Jeremy Daniel)


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37 Responses to Wednesday Addams’ Contest – Week 1!

  1. Doug Wagner says:

    That’s the trouble with Wednesday. It really stretches out the weak.

  2. Barry Robertson says:

    I must find some new entertainment. Torturing Pugsley has grown ever so boring.

  3. Charbel Constantine says:

    I dont deserve this… STOPPPPP 😀 hehe

  4. Rodney Bailey says:

    This is NOT what I thought you meant when you said “let’s split” !

  5. Jeff Cooper says:

    Come on pull it Wednesday! You know you will feel better.

  6. Kady Smith says:

    Wednesday’s are torture.

  7. Lacey Wright says:

    That feeling you get when your Friday is ruined by realizing its only Wednesday!!

  8. Terri Lara says:

    Love love love me some Adam’s Family! ❤

  9. Teresa says:

    Wednesday: I’m cranking it up!
    Pugsley: Why?
    Wednesday: So I can kill you.
    Pugsley: I knew that!

  10. Diana Varela says:

    Pull pull pull bored now

  11. Steve Tannehill says:

    Playtime is always fun time.

  12. Christian craven says:

    all this heavy lifting is really starting to put a cramp in my day! Or maybe just yours, MUAHAHAHA

  13. Betsy says:

    When I said I wanted to try cross-fit, this wasn’t what I meant!

  14. cara says:

    It’s hard to be enthusiast about Wednesday…

  15. Meagan Williams says:

    Sibling rivalry at its finest.

  16. Susan Wells says:

    Please please No more talk about the election

  17. Linda Adams says:

    Wednesday: But Motherrrr, I’m too old to play Drawn and Quartered!

  18. Michelle Underhill says:

    Wednesday: “Is it my turn yet??”

  19. Christi Aldridge says:

    Torturing Pugsley. Sigh. Must be Thursday!

  20. Dori says:

    Keep Calm and Torture Pugsley

  21. Annette says:

    I promise I won’t hack your Facebook account EVER AGAIN!

  22. Anthony Parker says:

    He said that he couldn’t wait to grow up…I’m just helping!!

  23. Kathy says:

    Just practicing for the wedding night!

  24. Carmen McGee says:

    Ho hummmm, sadism is not all its cracked upto be; Pugsley is enjoying himself too much for me to have fun anymore! Why can’t he at least pretend not to enjoy it?

  25. Mauricio Dominguez says:

    “If you love me, you wont stop.” hahaha

  26. Oh please. This is only the beginning…..

  27. Say you love DSM or the boy gets it! I’m waitingg…..

  28. jacobsnchz14 says:

    Wednesday: (blatantly) This is so much fun.
    Pugsley: Let me go!
    Wednesday: Why?
    Pugsley: Because I need to get to Music HAAAAAAAALL!

  29. Shravanthi Manikonda says:

    Ahhha…so relaxing..hey crank it up a notch!

  30. Natalia Botello says:

    “This was more fun when he didn’t enjoy the pain…..”

  31. Susana Soliz says:

    Just a little more…a little more… [CRACK ] ahhhh, sigh thanks.

  32. Jacob Dolph says:

    “Say What Again!… and thats your queue to scream”

  33. The new children’s health initiatives are really getting out of control, just let Pugsley have the fried bacon cinnamon roll from the fair.

  34. Deb Plante says:

    Enough already Pugsley. My arm is tired.

  35. Jerrie Flanders says:

    The poet Saadi said, “Have patience. All things are difficult before they become easy.”
    Don’t worry Pugs, you will soon be as tall as Manute Bol.

  36. Teri Castro says:

    Wednesday, You know this is the one thing I love the MOST!! Don’t Stop!

  37. Cathy Murphy says:

    Pugs, I am so bored, it is my turn to switch places with you!!

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