“Battle of the Broadway Musicals ’09” Contest Winners Announced!

 by Steven Hall
Webmaster, DSM

WE HAVE CONTEST WINNERS! For 15 days, we pitted one Broadway musical against another Broadway musical and let our 3400+ Facebook fans vote the daily winner until, after 4 rounds of historic musical battles, we crowned WICKED 2009’s “Best Musical of All Time”! 16 Broadway musicals were chosed to battle each other. Each was chosen for a combination of the number of awards won, combined with the longest runs on “The Great White Way” — BROADWAY.



WICKED became the best of all time … Now one lucky contest has won the GRAND PRIZE for correctly predicting ALL the battle winners:


Congratulations to our:


Grand Prize Winner Chris Hill (34 /34 pts)

2nd place Becky Niederstadt (26 /34 pts)

3rd place Shelly Vatteroni (25 /34 pts)


Out of 100s of contestants, Chris was the ONLY perfect bracket! As the Grand Prize Winner Chris won:

-4 tickets to attend MARY POPPINS

-Dinner for 4 at “M, Dining at the Music Hall”

-A WICKED poster signed by the cast

-A CD from one of this season’s shows

-Backstage tour for MARY POPPINS

-and more!

We hope we’ll see even more of you all for future contests at DSM & Facebook!






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